Building community among professionals

Metabolic Health Alliance MHA team teams
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Metabolic Multiplier builds community among existing organizations that promote metabolic health. Include metabolic health practitioners, scientists, and enthusiasts

  • Curate metabolic health resources. For example clinicians share patient education resources that they’re finding helpful.
  • Facilitate self-managed teams around attendees interests and needs they perceive
  • Affinity groups around topics of interest. Affinity groups could include
    • Geographic region that you’re likely to share referals like a state or smaller country
    • Specialty such as registered dietitians, medical weight loss with an obesity medicine specialist, direct primary care clinicians
    • Needs of Socio-economic groups such as keto on a budget, Spanish language resources. Replacement foods for particular ethnic groups such as Native American fry bread, Hispanic tamales, or vinegar- based Soul Food marinades
    • Particular interventions such as fasting, zero-carbohydrate protocols,
    • Metabolic conditions – Type 1 or 2 Diabetes, etc.

Initial Focus

Conditions of insulin resistance such as diabetes. First Quarter of 2021

Meeting Ground Rules

  • Focus on what unites us – Metabolic Multiplier’s teams are intended for civil discourse furthering metabolic health. We are diet diplomats, so please take “diet wars” elsewhere.
  • Next Steps – last 10-15 minutes of each meeting.
  • Virtual Water Cooler – Join others after the meeting or 15 minutes before to socialize.
  • Meeting Times – Initial meeting times try to span the globe: 6am – CA, 9 am – New York, 3pm Amsterdam, 11pm Melbourne, 7pm New Delhi. Each team may adjust to actual participants. If another time works better for your timezone please contact us.

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