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Metabolic Health Alliance MHA team teams
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Metabolic Multiplier Team Topics

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Our small group teams evolve based on member interests. Different meeting times to accommodate world-wide participation. We thank our many volunteers!

Condition-specific applications of reduced-carbohydrate therapies

1. Advocacy for metabolic health

Promoting Metabolic Health through communication, social media & leadership. Help specific clinicians build their podcasts and practices. Register with directories using this spreadsheet checklist. Educate others about health literacy. Includes Adele Hite’s Communication Guide to unite advocacy for metabolic health.

AZ Low Carb Practitioner Meet-up

2. AZ Low Carb

Held a year of monthly practitioner meet ups and 6 months of consumer meet ups summarized in the AZ Low Carb YouTube Channel.

clinical protocols & toolkits

3. Clinical Protocols & Toolkits

Developed Your patient toolkit for prediabetes & type 2 diabetes. Met for 18 months starting 9/2019. Extremely helpful in reviewing Metabolic Multiplier posts and setting strategic direction.

To accommodate worldwide participation met at two different times each month.

Community Catalysts promoting metabolic health

4. Community Catalysts

How can we help you succeed?

Early on we helped clinicians like Brian Lenzkes, MD; Chris Palmer, MD and Richard Feinman, PhD or build or upgrade their websites. We supported Tony Hampton, MD with podcast positioning and guests.

Dietitians and Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE)

5. Dietitians (Low-Carbohydrate)

Includes those trained in both ketogenic diet therapies (KDT) and therapeutic carbohydrate restriction (TCR).

6. Federal Practitioners


Due to Covid and the military operation in Ukraine, this group shifted its focus to Veterans Affairs.

Promoting Metabolic Health for Veterans

Veterans Affairs

Discuss promoting metabolic health through lifestyle for veterans and members of the military. Developed a publication for Federal Practitioner.

Meeting since January, 2021 through 2022.

7. Insurance

Virta is doing a great job of messaging to employers and health plan leaders. Target self-insured employers in your referral area with similar messaging.

Worked with Antonio Martinez II and others to identify opportunities and constraints. Nina Teicholz. Dan Pincus. Cecile Seth.

Tekla Back of has used her Pepsico & McKinsey background to think deeply about keto product labeling. Issues are complex, so we chose to prioritize other projects better aligned with our skills.

9. Mental & Metabolic Health

We find the “mental health is metabolic health” theory convincing. It posits the Metabolic Mind.

Where to start? Metabolic Mind‘s YouTube channel.

Metabolic Psychiatry certifications

Subject Matter experts in Metabolic Psychiatry

10. Organizing Research Team

Organizing research

Developed Save time! 3 metabolic health research portals. #1 started as a long PDF which wasn’t getting

  • Sarah Rice, BSc.(Hons) MCOptom (Optometrist – UK). Professional formatting and hosting thanks to Nutrition Network. @Sara4Info on Twitter
  • Philip Ovadia, MD (this cardiologist’s input on the cardiovascular disease handout was invaluable),
  • Travis Statham, KetoScience Database
  • Cecile Seth

11. Practice Innovators

Clinicians & researchers focusing on a particular condition. Explore the effects of nutritional therapies on metabolic health. Support advocates & help them thrive by sharing best practices and strengthening evidence. Helped several write & publish short summaries of their intervention. All are based on either therapeutic carbohydrate restriction or ketogenic diet therapies. Met May to January 2022.

metabolic health education team A B

12. Science Education

Amplify nutritional, metabolic and lifestyle approaches to metabolic health. Extremely helpful in reviewing Metabolic Multiplier content (see bottom of each post for reviewers).

Developed Clever Eats: Progressive Steps towards Metabolic Health.  

Co-chaired by David Pendergrass, PHD & Cecile Seth. Nick Norwitz, MD, PHD. Donal Collins, MD. David Crutchfield, MD. Katharine Morrison, MD. Christine Najjar, MD.  Juan Carlos Torres-Urrutia, MD. Angela Stanton, Phd. Kendrick Murphy, PharmD. Doug Reynolds. Jonathan Clinthorne. Colette Heimowitz. Gemma Kochis. Metabolic Health Alliance members have been generous with their time.

13. Type 1 Diabetes

Working with IPTN and a group of clinicians and scientists on a possible paper.

What our teams do

Metabolic Multiplier teams strengthens community among those promoting metabolic health. Include clinicians, coaches, scientists, and advocates

  • Curate metabolic health resources. For example clinicians share patient education resources that they’re finding helpful.
  • Facilitate self-managed teams around attendees interests and needs they perceive
  • Affinity groups around topics of interest. Affinity groups could include
    • Geographic region that you’re likely to share referals like a state or smaller country
    • Specialty such as registered dietitians, medical weight loss with an obesity medicine specialist, direct primary care clinicians
    • Needs of Socio-economic groups such as keto on a budget, Spanish language resources. Replacement foods for particular ethnic groups such as Native American fry bread, Hispanic tamales, or vinegar- based Soul Food marinades
    • Particular interventions such as fasting, zero-carbohydrate protocols,
    • Metabolic conditions – Type 1 or 2 Diabetes, etc.

Team meeting ground rules

  • Focus on what unites us – Metabolic Multiplier’s teams are intended for civil discourse furthering metabolic health. We are diet diplomats, so please take “diet wars” elsewhere.
  • Next Steps – last 10-15 minutes of each meeting.
  • Virtual Water Cooler – Join others after the meeting or 15 minutes before to socialize.
  • Meeting Times – Initial meeting times try to span the globe: 6am – CA, 9 am – New York, 3pm Amsterdam, 11pm Melbourne, 7pm New Delhi. Each team may adjust to actual participants. If another time works better for your timezone please contact us.
  • Active participants with common interests. Our groups are essentially Mastermind groups oriented around a common purpose and meeting for a fixed amount of time. Sometimes group members coallesce around producing a document or specific purpose.

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