About Metabolic Multiplier

Metabolic Multiplier explores the effect of lifestyle on metabolic health.

What is a Metabolic Multiplier?

A metabolic multiplier promotes better metabolic health emphasizing lifestyle, behavioral, and nutritional interventions.

It can be an intervention, individual, or organization and is supported by evidence-based medicine.

What are Metabolic Interventions?

Imagine your clinician prescribing some of these documented, lifestyle-based treatments to enhance your basic biological processes. This perspective urges behavioral & nutritional changes before medications & surgeries. Such prescriptions could include:

  • Effective sleep, movement, and social connections
  • Sunlight and real food
  • Managing stress, sugar, processed-food and as appropriate, other dietary interventions. 

To improve metabolic health, consider low-risk, low-cost interventions first

These lifestyle measures can take time and work, but can have the greatest impact with the fewest undesirable side effects. Lifestyle changes before pills.

Leadership Team

Cecile Seth 2020
Cecile Seth, MBA.
Christie Barnett, APN
Christie Barnett, APN.
Adele Hite, PhD MPH, RDN

Thanks to our Metabolic Multiplier volunteers!

Our thanks to these Metabolic Multipliers for offering their help! We especially value our clinicians & scientists. Since we are volunteer-powered we are free from financial conflicts of interest. We support clinicians, patients and researchers.

Dietitian Contributors

Ilisa Alicea, RD

Laurie Bilyeu, MS RD LDN CSG

Specializes in the nutritional complications that come with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS).

Jessica Ernst, RD

Alyssa Gallagher, RD, CDE at St Luke’s Humphreys Diabetes Center in Boise, Idaho 

10 years in practice specializing in Diabetes:  Pre-diabetes, Type 1, Type 2  and gestational diabetes.

Valerie Goldstein, MS, RD, CDE

Author, speaker, corporate wellness and health and weight guidance. I am a nutrition, blood sugar and ketogenic diet expert. Began with Dr. Atkins doing research & education.

Adele Hite, RD, PhD, MPH

Leads Clinician Team and member of Coordinating Team. Writes for Diet Doctor.

Emily Spurlock, RD, LD, CLT

Virtual nutrition coaching for weight loss and diabetes. In addition to her professional site, Emily blogs about recipes, life, and travel at Bound by Food. Idaho.

Denise Potter, RDN, CSP, CDE

Metabolic Multiplier keto prescription example
Doctors have great power in influencing a facility’s dietary choices for their patients. This quick prescription was immediately understood by the kitchen supervisor to mean “no white stuff or juice.”

Therapeutic Ketogenic dietitian with extensive experience using medical ketogenic therapies to treat pediatric epilepsy and other neurological conditions.

Candy Richardson, RD

Therapeutic Ketogenic dietitian with extensive experience using medical ketogenic therapies to treat pediatric epilepsy and other neurological conditions.

Teresa Rodriguez, RD

English & Spanish. Teresa’s practice focuses on individualized nutrition drawing on her extensive experience. Both Ketogenic Diet Therapies and Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction.

Other Clinician Contributors

Kristin Baier, MD

Double board-certified physician specializing in obesity medicine and family medicine. JoinCallibrate.com’s medical team.

Christie Barnett, APN

Advanced Practice Nurse. Outpatient psychotherapy for >30 years. Metabolic Multiplier.

Murdoch Campbell, MD

Private GP focused on metabolic health in the United Kingdom.

Donal Collins, MD

General Practitioner. South of England.

Carolina Crispino, MD

Functional Medicine. Uruguay.

David Crutchfield, MD

We thank Dr. Crutchfield for his generous assistance in editing.

Mark Cucuzzella, MD

Team: Veteran’s Affairs

Nevada Gray, PharmD, RN.

Paleo Pharmacist.

Tony Hampton, MD, ABOM, MBA, CPE

Protecting your NEST and ROPE podcast host. Author. Practicing doctor.

Cory Jenks, PharmD.

Stand-up comic. Author of Permission to Care: Building a Healthcare Culture That Thrives in Chaos. Tucson, Teams: AZ Low Carb Veterans Affairs.

Monu Khanna, MD

Teams: Veterans Affairs.

Vyvyane Loh, MD

  • Longstanding metabolic health practice in Boston suburb
  • “Reduce medication through metabolic health” goal of most referrals. 
  • Tailors messages for each of the 7 P’s: Patient, Provider, Payer, Purchaser, Policy, Pharma, Paparazzi, Prevention

Katharine Morrison, MD

Practicing GP in Ayrshire, Scotland.  Author, The Diabetes Diet: How to manage your Diet for weight loss and incredible sugar control

Kendrick Murphy, PharmD

Ambulatory Care Pharmacist. Team Veterans Affairs.

Christine Najjar, MD, MS Internal Medicine

Practicing physician, CT, US

Robert Oh, MD, MPH, Army Colonel

Sports & Family medicine. Practicing and Research. Team Veterans Affairs

Philip Ovadia, MD 

St. Petersburg, FL. Practicing Cardiac Surgeon.  Practice includes Metabolic Health & Heart Disease Risk Management.  Meat Rx.  

Sandra Palavecino, MD

Brings low-carb to rural Deleware. English & Spanish

Sarah Rice, Optometrist

Developed and curates Low-Carbohydrate nutrition study references for the Nutrition Network.

Sarah Harper Smith, MD

Eric Smythe, MD

Serial Entrepreneur.  Meterbolic.org and Difference.Foundation

Susanna Van Zyl, BSN, RN, CKNS.

Amavi Consulting.com AZ Low Carb

Juan Carlos Torres Urrutia, MD

Internal Medicine, Sarasota, Florida


Peter Delannoy, PhD, PhD. 

Gout specialist. KetogenicRevolution.com AZ Low Carb

Nicholas Norwitz, PhD. Candidate for his MD

Completed an Oxford PhD.  Harvard Medical School student.

Sandy Parkington, MPH, RN

David Pendergrass, PhD

Liaison with Metabolic Health oriented scientists. Author.

Angela Stanton, PhD

Migraine protocol author and scientist.


Alison Riddiford, Certified Nutrition Consultant

SerenityNutritionAndWellness.com   Scottsdale, AZ Low Carb

Diane Weissman

Nutrition Network Advisor. Facilitates a metabolic health support group in the Scottsdale / Phoenix, Arizona area.


Dan Cadmus

Health coach. Lost 180 lbs.

Jonathan Clinthorne

Chris Cornell

Dorian Greenow, Mr. Keto Mojo

Mary Harper

Colette Heimowitz, M.Sc.

Gemma Kochis, Mrs. Keto Mojo 

Nadia La Mar

Our summer intern for 2020.

Captain Mani Malagón, USN (retired)

Former Nuclear sub commander. Metabolic Multiplier.

Antonio C Martinez II Esq.

Gotham Government Relations & Communications: Modern Day Lobbyists, New York and Washington.

Daniel Pincus

Retired Temple Cantor, Wedding Officiant, is the Administrator of Professor Richard Feinman‘s Nutrition and Metabolism Society

Doug Reynolds, MHP

Doug and his wife, Pam Devine, run Low Carb USA and the Society for Metabolic Health Practitioners (SMHP). We supported the Society for Metabolic Health Practitioners for 6 months around their launch, provide many links to their useful content, and believe their continued success helps the metabolic health movement.

Cecile Seth, MBA

Co-founder. Program manager. Blog posts on Metabolic Multiplier.

Candice Spence, Nutrition Network

Project Manager & writer.

Travis Statham

Meatrition. Moderates 50+ Reddit communities. Graduate student in nutrition dietetics & food science at Utah State University.

Sara Tirner

Nina Teicholz, Nutrition Coalition

Projects supporting “Low-Carb leaders”

We are deeply honored that so many luminaries in the metabolic health field have been kind enough to contribute to our knowledge either through a meeting, providing a quote, or a year long apprenticeship. We thank you for also being Metabolic Multipliers!

Tony Hampton, MD

After hearing Tony Hampton, MD as a podcast guest I posed my usual question, “How can I help you succeed.” He tells a very funny story about discussing my “cold email” with his wife and whether he should respond. I encouraged him to focus on metabolic health, tackle issues of culture and color, and I  connect him with podcast guests periodically. Personally, I find Tony and Chris Palmer particularly insightful on metabolic health, probably because the populations often need a basket of metabolic interventions to improve rather than just diet. Tony’s Protecting your NEST podcast is well worth a listen. I (Cecile) was honored to be interviewed for episode 65.

Richard Feinman, PhD

An early leader in the space, I helped Dr. Feinman upgrade his websites and he kindly called me his “web psychiatrist.” In turn he also sowed the seeds for Save time! 3 metabolic health research portals, although it took me several years, and our Organizing Research team to realize his dream.

My husband and I introduced Brian Lenzkes, MD & Kristin Baier, MD, who formed a partnership in metabolic health care, Low Carb MD San Diego. I built their practice’s initial website, after thoroughly surveying other direct primary care practices for messaging, offerings and pricing. Brian is an “old soul” and gives so much to so many, including through the Low Carb MD podcast. He & Nick Norwitz have been very generous about our contribution, including during their interview on “Life’s Best Medicine” podcast.

Chris Palmer, MD

My Metabolic Multiplier co-founder, Christie, & I were honored to apprentice with Chris Palmer, MD for a year starting in 2019. I built out his website and we repurposed his tweets to other social platforms. Most Saturday mornings we spent 3 hours with Chris listening, learning, & collaborating. He kindly enabled us to attend 5 of Harvard’s continuing education conferences for mental health professionals that he organized. Let me clearly credit Christie Barnett, APN (30 years as a psychotherapist) and Chris Palmer, MD (psychiatrist) for what I’ve learned about mental & metabolic health!

Jeff Volek, PhD, RD

Dr. Volek was gracious enough to attend our first 3 team meetings for “Promoting Metabolic Health for the military and veterans” and to thank us for the invitation.

After watching the Nutrition Coalition struggle to change the USDA dietary guidelines, I pulled together a military and veterans teams to strategize supporting those federal practitioners and how other major research projects have gotten funded.  I cold-emailed Jeff Volek, PhD and he kindly attended our first 3 strategy meetings with a DARPA project manager, former nuclear submarine captain, veterans & practitioners. He has since made it happen! What a great Metabolic Multiplier and mensch!

Can achieving beneficial ketone levels improve metabolic health in the military? Ohio State scientists will seek answers with $10 million Department of Defense grant