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Ketogenic diets are low-carb, high-fat diets that replaces carbohydrates with fat and/or protein. This causes your body to become great at burning fat, and it also reduces blood sugar and insulin levels. One should take into consideration their individual body’s circumstances before going on this diet – for example, people looking to reverse health disorders.



When patients reducing carbohydrates ask what to eat

Clinician-approved, carb-appropriate guides for patient education Here are some overviews of low carbohydrate eating plans for you to use in your patient education. These are all variations on carbohydrate reduction. Choose the guide that...

Nicholas Norwitz

Nick Norwitz: an athletic diet?

Nick Norwitz started as a carb-fuled marathon runner. After his lifestyle destroyed his health, he turned to a ketogenic diet to heal.

Casey at Mani's keto boot camp

Mani’s “keto boot camp” by Cassey Hauser

My son’s friend, Cassandra Hauser, and I had planned a trip driving through South America in the summer of 2019. But, when my brother’s long-term caregiver became very ill with lung cancer I brought...

Best keto resources for clinicians

Keto resources for doctors | Keto CME’s – metabolic syndrome & epilepsy || Keto therapy guidelines | Therapeutic Carbohydrate Reduction | Ketogenic Diet Therapies || Fasting science | Clinician questions | Deprescribing | Building...

Layperson terms for ketone body metabolism?

Hypoglycemia & hyperglycemia, low or high blood sugar levels, interact with ketone levels to produce either symptomatic or asymptomatic conditions. Layperson definitions & leading-thinker discussion.

lifestyle medicine

Lifestyle Medicine, the key to metabolic healing

What is lifestyle medicine? Lifestyle medicine can be the central vehicle for metabolic intervention and metabolic optimization. Generally speaking, metabolisms are improved with behaviors rather than with the stuff of conventional health care, i.e.,...

Keto doctors near me. coach. nutritionist. dietitian.

Keto doctors near me: all of the 20+ directories

Over 20 directories of Keto Providers near me: Doctors | Dietitians & Nutritionists | Other Coaches & Fitness Experts | Other variants of therapeutic carbohydrate restriction | Building my keto treatment team. Here is...

best ketogenic resources

Best resources for carb-reduction therapies

Best keto resources for families and patients: | Keto diet overviews | Keto support groups | Best keto books | Keto for Psych | Low-carb & keto success stories || Best keto resources for...

Building my Keto Treatment Team

How to build my ketogenic therapy treatment team

Building a team to treat any illness with medical ketogenic therapies is often a difficult, multi-step process. Ketogenic dietary intervention is in its early stages in healthcare. Yet research has demonstrated its potential effectiveness...

Raj Seth before orange

Raj’s journey: obese & diabetic to healthy

Raj Seth’s notes for his recent podcast on LowCarbMD with Doctors Brian Lenzkes and Jason Fung. Fat as a kid I had always been fat as far back as I can remember. I developed...