Sarah Rice, BSc.(Hons) MCOptom (UK), MHP

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Sarah Rice, BSc.(Hons) MCOptom (UK), MHP
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Accepting new opportunities? Yes...
Research Assistant, Writing - Academic
Roles - Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) Treatment Team
MNT informed Clinician (Collaborates on nutrition guidance), Metabolic Health Coach (Facilitates dietary & lifestyle changes)
Medical conditions:
General metabolic health
Medical Nutrition Therapies
Therapeutic Carbohydrate Reduction (TCR)
Metabolic Interventions (in addition to nutrition)
Sleep, Movement, exercise, nature, Managing stress, Circadian rhythms
Metabolic Health Training Program:
TCR - Diet Doctor Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction CME, TCR - Nutrition Network Professional Training, TCR - Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners Accreditation
Metabolic Health - generalist, Health Coaching, Ophthalmology / Optometrist
Other specializations
Proof reading/editing/reviewing content against evidence base for therapeutic carbohydrate restriction across all specialties/topics
Virtual or In-person?
In-person, Virtual
Metabolic Multiplier teams (volunteer)
Advocacy for metabolic health., Mental and metabolic health, Organizing Research Team, Other projects
South Africa
Cape Town

Sarah is an editor of 'Ketogenics: The Science of Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction in Human Health.' This historic low-carb textbook is available for preorder. Ships 4/15/2023.

She is an accredited as both a Nutrition Network Medical Practitioner and a Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners MHP.

Sarah Rice has been an integral part of Metabolic Multiplier's Organizing Research Team for several years. They took Sarah's scholarship and organized it into the first 2 of 3 metabolic health research portals designed to save you time.  Our crown jewel is listed first, the References Resource - Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction.

A long-time Nutrition Network volunteer, Sarah convinced the charity to generously host and maintain it which was beyond Metabolic Multiplier's web-design skills. We deeply appreciate this community resource and especially recommend the printable downloads summarizing research for common conditions.


Cecile Seth | October 14, 2022
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