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Diabetes is a disease of insulin resistance (hyperinsulinemia) rather than of high blood sugar (hyperglycemia or blood glucose). As a result, a dietary pattern limiting sugar and starches helps many control an individual’s diabetes or even put in remission.

Does Keto Hold Promise for T2DM? Cover of Federal Practitioner January 2024

2024 practical guide to start patients on low-carb therapies

We celebrate a practice-changing publication, Low-Carbohydrate and Ketogenic Dietary Patterns for Type 2 Diabetes Management, in Federal Practitioner for January, 2024.  The Federal Practitioner’s wide-reach includes clinicians within the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department...

40+ Potential Targets of Reduced Carbohydrate Therapies: Neurology, Reproductive Health, Gastrointestinal, Mental Health, Oncology, Pulmonary, & more

Save time with these metabolic health research portals

We’re celebrating our Organizing Research team launching a big project with Metabolic Multipliers Sarah Rice & Nutrition Network. References Resource – Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction Each curated by 40+ conditions with a metabolic component as...

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Who does diabetes hit hardest?

U.S. Diabetes statistics | hardest hit ethnic groups | Education level | Ethnic group hi’s and low’s | High risk youth groups | Insightful Infographics In the National Diabetes Statistics Report 2020, the Center...

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Raj’s journey: obese & diabetic to healthy

Raj Seth’s notes for his recent podcast on LowCarbMD with Doctors Brian Lenzkes and Jason Fung. Fat as a kid I had always been fat as far back as I can remember. I developed...

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Might keto therapies help fight Alzheimer’s Disease?

Major Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s Disease Studies show that major risk factors for Alzheimer’s include metabolic, lifestyle and genetic factors: Problems with brain glucose usage related to Alzheimer’s One significant alteration experienced by Alzheimer’s...

Christie Barnett, APN

My mother’s suffering spurred me to find keto

Christie Barnett’s keto journey: Sitting in a nursing home with my dying mother is where it all began for me, Christie Barnett. There she was, a 71-year-old formerly dignified college instructor, stuck in a...