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What are Metabolic Multipliers?

A “Metabolic Multiplier” describes a practice, individual, or organization promoting: 

  • Better metabolic health through lifestyle, such as behavior & nutrition changes. 
  • Evidence-based, lifestyle interventions. Data over dogma.
  • Behavioral & nutritional interventions before resorting to medications and surgery.
  • An understanding that big research studies are skewed to what is profitable – medications & surgery. (Research on zero-cost & low-risk behaviors is under-funded.)
  • Real food over sugar & ultra-processed food. 
  • Sleep and exercise while reducing chronic stress & harmful substances
  • Practitioners early in their metabolic health career journeys.
  • Patient autonomy.
  • Zero-cost health education, guides, & toolkits.

Why Metabolic Multiplier?

We improved our own chronic conditions with lifestyle changes. For years we struggled with pre-diabetes, arthritis, and post-concussion syndrome. Conventional approaches failed for cofounders Cecile & Nurse Christie.

Nutritional & behavioral interventions are possible. These lifestyle options were common-place a century ago, but fell out of favor. Research validates their efficacy in improving health, while also being low-risk, and low-cost.  

Our resources will help you get started with recognized experts in this area.

Most of these experts are wounded-healers themselves. They struggled until they found lifestyle interventions that improved their own chronic conditions. 

We believe in the benefits of metabolic health improvements enough to donate our time and money to pay forward what we’ve learned. (No outside money.) We are all paying it forward as described in our success stories and about us.

Metabolic Health Resources

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