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Disorders of insulin regulation include Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes,  Hypertension, obesity, PCOS, some cardiac disease.

Neurological  and brain conditions can include epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Traumatic Brain Injury and possibly mental conditions such as bipolar disorder and schizpphrenia.

3.0 Metabolic Disorders

The metabolic health research portal includes a section for all 5 items listed above.

Does Keto Hold Promise for T2DM? Cover of Federal Practitioner January 2024

2024 practical guide to start patients on low-carb therapies

We celebrate a practice-changing publication, Low-Carbohydrate and Ketogenic Dietary Patterns for Type 2 Diabetes Management, in Federal Practitioner for January, 2024.  The Federal Practitioner’s wide-reach includes clinicians within the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department...

40+ Potential Targets of Reduced Carbohydrate Therapies: Neurology, Reproductive Health, Gastrointestinal, Mental Health, Oncology, Pulmonary, & more

Save time with these metabolic health research portals

We’re celebrating our Organizing Research team launching a big project with Metabolic Multipliers Sarah Rice & Nutrition Network. References Resource – Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction Each curated by 40+ conditions with a metabolic component as...

diabetes statistics race ethnicity

Who does diabetes hit hardest?

U.S. Diabetes statistics | hardest hit ethnic groups | Education level | Ethnic group hi’s and low’s | High risk youth groups | Insightful Infographics In the National Diabetes Statistics Report 2020, the Center...

Colín-González, A. L., et al. (2012). The Antioxidant Mechanisms Underlying the Aged Garlic Extract- and S-Allylcysteine-Induced Protection. Figure 2.

Mani’s metabolic musings

Garlic, sugar & COVID19 11-13.7.2020| Sugar & infection | Aged garlic | Tight Glucose control | Sugars & protein function | Sugars & nerve sheaths | Virality or vitality? |Glycan shield or glucose sword...

Layperson terms for ketone body metabolism?

Hypoglycemia & hyperglycemia, low or high blood sugar levels, interact with ketone levels to produce either symptomatic or asymptomatic conditions. Layperson definitions & leading-thinker discussion.

metabolic health lean mass hyper responder

What is metabolic health? A biochemist’s definition

It depends on who you ask, but there are some generally agreed upon parameters for measuring metabolic health. It can be measured in our blood or bodies. These medical, physiological and laboratory test markers...

chart that could be in a medical case report

Why write reports about unique medical cases?

Publishing unique case reports in the medical literature helps move mental-health care forward. “I would push you to write up some case reports…. Writing a case report might seem like a waste of time,...

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Chris Palmer, MD: Ketogenic therapy may help stop seizures

This dietary treatment, the ketogenic diet, based on ancient medicine, is making a comeback as a treatment for epilepsy. Dr. Palmer‘s perspective on the ketogenic diet controversy Connections between epilepsy and psychiatric illnesses Ketogenic...

diet and alzheimers mouse model of alzheimers what's good fighting against alzheimers

Might keto therapies help fight Alzheimer’s Disease?

Major Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s Disease Studies show that major risk factors for Alzheimer’s include metabolic, lifestyle and genetic factors: Problems with brain glucose usage related to Alzheimer’s One significant alteration experienced by Alzheimer’s...

woman ketogenic diet depression

Relieving depression with the ketogenic diet?

Perhaps those suffering from treatment-resistant depression could find some relief with the ketogenic diet? Any attempt to try this MUST be medically supervised because there are both psychiatric and metabolic dangers in this dietary...

Doris schizophrenia remission

Doris’s chronic schizophrenia remission brings hope

Did keto cure her schizophrenia? Starting at the end, Doris ended up ok. Her ketogenic diet put her schizophrenia into remission. Remission is not a cure, but a state where the disease symptoms reverse. ...