1915 Farm Regenerates Bodies & Soil

Mani Malagón

Captain Mani Malagón (Manuel A Malagón-Fajar), USN (retired), MIT '74 (B.S. Math), US Naval Postgraduate School '86 (M.S.E.E.), US Army War College '99, served in US nuclear attack submarines & commanded USS Olympia (SSN 717). He was assigned to Submarine Force Pacific, 7th Fleet & Mine Warfare staffs, and as Defense Attaché to Chile. He has used a therapeutic ketogenic diet as a principal adjunct to ameliorate his brother’s schizophrenia.

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  1. Marisol says:

    I really liked Catherine and Tanner’s story and the way it was written. In particular, I totally identify with the fact that the organic and grass fed labels do not necessarily mean that they are free of antibiotics or that they have been raised in suitable conditions. I loved what 1915 Farm has been doing and I wish it could be replicated more; is something I would like to do with my own family if I have the opportunity. We need to keep encouraging and sharing this kind of stories to create a stronger community and. game changers. Thanks Capt. Malagon!

    • Marisol: Thank you for your kind thoughts. I agree with you that nutrition is the key to health, but where do we get nutritious and energy-repleting foods? It’s difficult if you only shop at the supermarket, but more and more, individuals like Catherine and Tanner are changing how food is grown and raised and how we nourish our bodies. Hopefully, you can find local sources near you. mani

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