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Medical conditions:
General metabolic health, Diabetes, Type 2, Obesity / Metabolic Syndrome / Insulin Resistance
Medical Nutrition Therapies
Elimination diets (e.g. carnivore), Paleolithic, Therapeutic Carbohydrate Reduction (TCR), Vegetarian
Metabolic Interventions (in addition to nutrition)
Sleep, Movement, exercise, nature, Managing stress
Metabolic Health Training Program:
TCR - Nutrition Network Professional Training, TCR - Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners Accreditation
Metabolic Health - generalist
Virtual or In-person?
In-person, Virtual
San Diego

Launched in 2021. Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners offers 5 pathways to their Metabolic Health Practitioner (MHP) credential. Clinical, fellowship, research, training, honorary.

Accreditation Pathways

The SMHP partners recognizes the Nutrition Network path as part of it's training path, 1 of 5 pathways to gain the Metabolic Health Practitioner (MHP) credential.

Practitioner Directory

Includes members, non-members, and advocates. With over 1,400 entries, SMHP offers the largest directory.

Clinical Guidelines Therapeutic Carbohydrate Reduction 

Focus on Therapeutic Carbohydrate Reduction. Written by Adele Hite, PHD, MPH, RD, MHP.

Practitioner Forums

Questions asked and answered.

Professional Training - Free Library

Includes selections from SMHP's monthly Grand Rounds

Members receive a regular newsletter and real time access to Grand Rounds, which have been quite informative.

Metabolic Multiplier volunteer overlap includes

Our blog posts

Advocates team up to multiply metabolic health: SMHP, MM, & more 


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