Nicole Laurent, LMHC

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Accepting new patients?
Yes, patients/clients
Roles - Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) Treatment Team
Healthcare Provider (Tailors treatment to individual needs), MNT informed Clinician (Collaborates on nutrition guidance), Metabolic Health Coach (Facilitates dietary & lifestyle changes)
Do you treat patients with mental health issues?
Yes, I'm a mental health professional.
Medical conditions:
General metabolic health, Mental Health: Bipolar Disorder or Schizophrenia
Medical Nutrition Therapies
Therapeutic nutrition, evidence-based
Psychiatry / Psychotherapy
Virtual or In-person?
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Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) who uses ketogenic metabolic therapy (KMT), behavioral interventions (E.g., sleep & stress reduction) and other tools for mental health.

Ms. Laurent offers a Brain Fog Recovery Program masterclass.

Winner of a prestigious 2022 Metabolic Mind grant.

Nicole Laurent, LMHC: Pioneering Metabolic Psychiatry for Mental Wellness

Nicole Laurent, LMHC, is at the forefront of integrating metabolic health into mental wellness practices. Her holistic approach recognizes the profound impact of nutrition and lifestyle on mental health, making her a standout licensed mental health counselor (LMHC).

Innovative Approach for Comprehensive Care

Nicole's method combines cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and a focus on metabolic health. This blend addresses the mind-body connection, offering a path to holistic wellness.

Diverse Services for Personalized Support

  • Individual Therapy: Tailored sessions for personal growth.
  • Group Therapy: Community support for shared challenges.
  • Workshops: Education on stress, nutrition, and mindfulness.
  • Consultation: For professionals integrating holistic practices.

Why Choose Nicole Laurent?

Nicole Laurent’s focus on metabolic psychiatry sets her apart. She tailors therapy to include nutritional guidance, recognizing the role of metabolic health in mental wellness. This comprehensive approach supports lasting transformation.

Client Success Stories

Clients praise Nicole’s empathetic, innovative care, highlighting how her metabolic focus has been key to their mental health journey.

Connect with Nicole Laurent, LMHC

For a holistic path to mental wellness that emphasizes metabolic health, contact Nicole Laurent, LMHC. Discover a transformative approach to therapy that nurtures both mind and body.


Nicole Laurent, LMHC, leads in metabolic psychiatry, offering a unique, effective approach to mental wellness. By prioritizing metabolic health, she provides a comprehensive strategy for those seeking to improve their mental and overall well-being.


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