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Roles - Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) Treatment Team
Metabolic Health Coach (Facilitates dietary & lifestyle changes)
Medical conditions:
General metabolic health, Diabetes, Type 2, Obesity / Metabolic Syndrome / Insulin Resistance
Metabolic Interventions (in addition to nutrition)
Sleep, Movement, exercise, nature, Managing stress, Reducing harmful substances
Metabolic Health - generalist, Nutrition, Other
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Metabolic health information through their respected blog and social media accounts. Respected for their quality content and strength of their board of advisors.

Membership provides personalized data and insights through CGM's.   A companion app provides tracks diet & exercise and provides suggestions regarding lifestyle and diet.

Metabolism is life.

Your metabolic health regulates your sleep, appetite, weight, and energy levels. Levels helps you optimize it all so you can live a longer, fuller, healthier life. Levels Health

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  • Excellent blog on metabolic insights.
    • Mental Health
    • Metabolic Basics & Metabolic Health
    • Nutrition
    • Physical Fitness
    • Weight Loss
    • Sleep
    • Women's Health
    • News & Levels Culture
  • Podcasts
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Personalized data provided with membership program

  • Device - a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)
  • App - diet & activity choices
  • Insights


Cecile Seth | March 28, 2024
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